3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Garage Door

by | Jun 25, 2021

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A new garage door is a substantial, long-term investment into your property, one that requires some previous thought and research – here are some important questions to ask yourself or a before picking your product:

  • What material will work best for you – wood, steel, vinyl and fiberglass are the most common options. Wood is the most attractive of them all, but it is a sensitive material that requires a substantial amount of maintenance; steel is the sturdiest option, suitable for rugged environments; vinyl is the most affordable option that is also very durable and easy to maintain while fiberglass is a medium-priced material that comes in many colors and textures, even in designs that replicate wood;
  • How you want to operate the door – you can choose from automatic and manually operated doors. Automatic doors are more complex and are opened and closed with the help of a remote control, while manual doors are simpler and easier to maintain;
  • The opening direction – garage doors come in variants that open upwards and in models that open sideways. The choice should depend on the space available on your driveway, in front of the garage as well as on aspects of comfort and safety.  For convenience look for garage doors near me to find a garage door expert in your area.

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