Advantages Of a Self-Timing Garage Door

by | Jul 8, 2021

Advantages Garage Door Accessories Professional Installation

Self-timing is a great feature to have with your garage door – whether you are looking for a new garage door and you have found a product that includes the self-timing module or you have heard of the existence of separate timer modules and you want to know what they are, here are some of the benefits that come with the accessory:

  • No need to close the door yourself – your timer to close module will close the garage door behind you after the time you set when you program the module. That way, you need only to open the door and you can forget all about it once you are inside the garage;
  • Enhanced security – with a self-timing garage door, you don’t have to worry about having left the garage open and having provided an easy access point for intruders;
  • The feature can be turned on and off freely, with pressing just a couple of buttons;
  • Value for your money – whether already integrated in the garage door that you are planning to buy or purchased as a separate system, timer to close modules are affordable, meaning that they do not increase the door price significantly and they do not cost a lot to add to existing doors.  Check with Garage Service Co for all your garage door accessories and services.

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