Beyond DIY: 5 Repairs Demanding Professional Garage Door Services

by | Oct 27, 2023

What You Need To Know Garage Door Installation Repair Spring Replacement

For many of us, attempting a DIY repair or renovation project at home can seem intimidating – and even dangerous. This is especially relevant when it comes to garage doors and their components. With a complex system of pulleys, springs and electric openers, managing a repair requires knowledge, skill and specialized tools. The following are five repairs that you should consider delegating to a specialist in garage door maintenance.


  1. Spring replacement

Gone are the days of manual garage doors – modern doors are weighty and require torsion springs for opening and closing. However, due to their pressure, springs are prone to breakage, and attempting to replace them without the proper tools and knowledge can be hazardous.


  1. Cable repair

The cables used to operate your garage door are under a great amount of tension and will require experienced hands to fix or replace them. It is risky to attempt to handle this job yourself, however, a qualified garage door service company will guarantee that the work is done securely.


  1. Garage door adjustment

The door’s balance should be checked regularly; worn or too-tight springs and cables can all affect your door’s performance. Adjustments should be carried out by a service professional, with specific tools, lubricants and supplies.


  1. Electric opener repair

If your opener is no longer working as intended, it might require a knowledgeable technician, who will be able to identify the issue, and make recommendations about how to move forward.


  1. Garage door installation

The installation of a heavy garage door is best left to a professional. The work needs to be done correctly from the start, to ensure durability, safety and to be able to take advantage of the warranty.  Find someone close by searching for garage door installation near me for quick services.

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