Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter?

As the seasons change you have to make sure your garage door is ready to take on the different weather the new season brings. First thing you need to do is listen to your garage door. Does the door sound okay as its moving? Is the door moving smoothly or is it jerky in places? If you hear any grinding or scraping your garage door needs to be serviced. On average your garage door moves over 1,000 times a year. The vibration from the movement can loosen hardware. You may need rollers tightened or bolts replaced. You will also want to ensure your garage door is properly balanced. This is something Garage Service Co can do for you. We can assess your garage door and make sure it is ready for winter. You may need to replace the weather stripping which is the rubber seal that keeps debris from getting in your garage. Parts may need to be lubricated so they run smoothly throughout the season. We will check cables and test features such as auto-reverse for safety. Call us today to make sure your garage door is ready to take on winter.

Garage Door Maintenance After Painting

When it comes to giving your garage door a new look it is easy to think painting it would be the best option. Sometimes painting your garage door is the best option and will give you the look you may want for your home. There are always steps to take when changing anything that runs on an automatic system like a garage door. Painting may seem like a simple step that you do not have to consider anything but you really do. Painting a garage door adds a new layer to the door which in turn adds weight. The motor you use to open and close the door has to have the weight distributed evenly as well as be capable of holding the new weight you are adding due to the paint.

At Garage Service Co of Denver, CO we have seen a few motor break downs after clients have painted their garage doors. As you know it does not always take one coat of paint to cover up the old look it can take up to 2 – 3 coats to get the job done. The last thing you want it to have a freshly painted garage door that does not work. Rely on us to help make sure your garage door motor can handle the weight you have added to the door. You would not want to try and use the door and it not even open or maybe get half way and fall back to the ground. Avoid this step in the process and any safety hazards that may arise from your fresh paint job. Call us now to discuss what painting a garage door can do to the motor you use to open and close your garage.

The Danger of DIY Garage Door Repair

When it comes to repairing a garage door there can be many reasons as to why the door is not working properly. Whether it is misaligned sensors, frayed or broken cables, or broken springs you should never try to repair a garage door yourself. It is extremely dangerous to try and take on a garage door repair without the proper tools and experience. Trying to fix or replace any element of your garage door is complex and you leave the possibility of misdiagnosing the problem wide open. Not only can it cause bodily harm it can also ruin the whole doors system. It is much better to rely on someone who knows what they are doing in this field. Say you try and repair the door on your own and you think it is fixed. You go to run the door and you hear a crack or the door doesn’t move. You could possibly have made the situation worse which will not cost you even more money to fix. Start with the right choice and call Garage Service Co. today for all of your garage door repair needs.

Garage Door Opener - Backup Battery

Garage door openers are ever changing. Garage Door Service Co. is proud to offer garage door openers with backup battery technology. This new technology is something we recommend all homeowners and business owners take advantage of. If you are in your home and the power goes out but your vehicle is in the garage you would most likely have to try and manually open the garage door which sometimes does not work. The new battery backup technology can offer you ease and comfort in this situation. If for some reason you have an emergency and need to get out of the house and the only way out is the garage you would want to make sure your garage door can open. The backup battery would kick in during any electrical outage allowing your garage door to open and close.

California has just passed a law that requires all new garage doors installed in homes must have battery backup technology. It is time we all follow suite to this new law and realize the safety hazards if we do not take this technology into consideration when installing a new garage door opener. Garage Service Co. of Denver, CO and surrounding areas is happy to give you more information about this technology and how we can install it for you today! Give a call to learn more!

Broken Spring

There are 2 most common types of springs: Torsion and extension with torsion as most used for double doors.20190107_103340


The purpose of having springs system is to eliminate the weight of the door so that the door will be able to be raised up and lowered down by hand or

by automatic motor.


When a spring is broken the door will feel a lot heavier if you try to lift by hand. The motor also will sense that the weight is too high and it won't be able

to lift it more than 6 inches of the ground- that is to prevent damage to the gear and other parts in the motor.20190107_103423


Properly adjusted springs should give you the ability to lift the door manually and stop it mid-way without falling down heavy or going up too hard.


There Is a range of spring sizes and lengths and the reason for it is simply because doors weight can vary depends on materials, insulation, windows etc.


We carry all standard size springs that are most commonly used in the Denver area so we can complete the spring replacement in the first visit to save customers time.20190107_105346