Can a Roll up Garage Door Repair Project Be Completed Quickly?

by | Oct 27, 2022

Quick Efficient Service Roll Up Garage Door Repair

Roll up garage doors may need repairs when the tracks become loose on account of: the vibration of the door (that can loosen the bolts), force or collision (that can make the door roller come off track) and built-up dirt (that can damage the track guides).

Repairing a rolling door that is off track requires removing the track guides while the door is in the fully open position. You also have to realign the door in the track guides and then re-adjust the spring when the door is back in the track guides. Lastly, you have to reattach the track guides to the door frame. If it is a DIY project, it will not happen quickly. However, if an expert does it, then it will take less time because a roll up garage door repair professional has the necessary tools and safety, experience and even training in order to carry out the task securely, correctly and as quickly as possible.

Before starting the roll up garage door repair project, it is very important to remove all rusted areas by wiping them with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. It will make the entire process safer for whoever has to handle the door and its parts. The vinegar reacts with the rust and dissolves it. You can then rub the rust away with a wool pad and repeat the wiping until the rust is removed completely and the door is clean and rust free.

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