Common Types of Garage Doors You Can Buy on a Budget

by | Jul 21, 2023

Budget Friendly Garage Door Companies

There are a variety of different types of garage doors that you can purchase on a budget from your local garage door companies Denver area has to offer. Depending upon the materials used, the size, and the design, garage doors can range in cost and vary significantly in terms of the longevity and energy efficiency they may offer. Here are some of the common types of garage doors that you can buy on a budget.

  • Sectional garage doors: These types of doors are constructed of several connected sections hinged together to roll up and down smoothly. This type of door is prevalent and often the most cost-effective way to outfit a garage, and it is easy to repair or replace.
  • Roller garage doors: This type of door is constructed of one large sheet of metal that can easily be rolled up and down using an interior-mounted manual, spring, or motorized track system.
  • Up and over garage doors: This style of garage door swings outward and then up before it rolls back and is stored entirely above the opening.

Overall, there are many various garage door styles that you can buy affordably, from steel and molded polyurethane foam materials to up-and-over or roller doors. Ultimately, it depends upon the type that you prefer and the size of the door that is required. Do your homework to purchase the perfect door to suit your needs and budget.

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