Garage Door Cable Repair – Why is it important

by | May 4, 2022

garage door cable repair solutionsProblems that can occur with garage doors are unpleasant, inconvenient and potentially dangerous, and require a quick and efficient professional garage door cable repair solution.

Broken garage door cables can be one of the reasons why the doors no longer work properly. This can be caused by a damaged or broken torsion spring and can result in serious injury if the problem is not repaired.

Repairing garage door cables can turn to be more complicated than you might think. You have to be very careful because of the springs in the door, which may cause injury if you are not careful, and really should be completed by a professional.


Make sure your garage door is closed before attempting to replace cables. In some cases, such as when a garage door has a loose cable, you can perform the repair just by cutting off one end of the cable and shortening it to eliminate any loosening.


While the garage door is closed, removing the old cable and inserting the new one is a simple task. Make sure there is enough tension in the cable, once it is replaced.


You need to be extra careful when checking your work. Keep a safe distance from the door, when you open it, as this gives you extra security in case you made a mistake when installing the new cable.

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