Garage Door Screws and Hinges Check Denver, CO

Did you Know a Garage Door is the Biggest and Heaviest Moving Object in your Home?

What you should do to maintain your garage door

  • Frist, you need to check all screws and hinges to make sure they are tight and there are no missing screws or nuts.
  • Second, release the emergency release rope and lift the door manually to the half open position, if the door feels heavy and/or is closing pretty hard - your springs probably need adjustments or need to be replaced.
  • Third, lubricating your garage door's metal parts regularly can reduce ware and tear, use silicone spray to spray on your hinges, bearings, springs, and rollers.

Garage Door Spring and Coils Check Denver, CO

How To Information You Should Know

How to check if your springs are broken?

When your garage door is in the closed position you will notice the torsion system above the top section, your springs should not have any gaps or spaces between the coils, if it does, it is most likely broken.

How Often Should You Check Your Garage Door?

Every six months you should test your torsion system performance by using the door manually, feel the weight of the door, a good balance torsion system should allow you to lift it without any effort and to leave the door half way up without dropping to the floor.

How to Check if Your Safety Sensors are Working?

Start with your garage door open, then click your remote control to close it, block the sensor with an object, the motor should reverse the movement of the garage door to the fully open position while making a click sound and/or flashing lights.

Is Your Garage Door Too Loud?

Check for broken rollers (wheels), broken springs, etc. If nothing is broken use some silicone lubricant. If the door is still loud call Garage Service Co. to help you find the problem.