Garage Safety Tips

by | May 20, 2021

safety tips garage door repair springs heavy duty

The garage is usually a space that is used not only for safely parking the family car, but also for storing lots of tools, chemicals and valuables, therefore its safety is as important as the safety of any other room in the home. Here are some tips to achieve complete safety and security in your garage:

  • Get good lighting – to be able to use your garage safely, whether for parking your car or for retrieving the items stored in there, you need good visibility. There are many great illumination options that you can use, LED lights being the most modern, brightest and most energy-efficient solutions;
  • Make sure that your door controller uses rolling codes – door controllers use codes to communicate with the door mechanism. To ensure maximum security, use a controller that generates a new code each time you operate it;
  • Store chemicals safely – if you use your garage to store flammable and toxic liquids, such as paint or engine oils, make sure that they are kept out of reach of children and away from heat sources. Keeping them in a lockable cabinet is a good idea, too;
  • Have an operational fire extinguisher at hand – regularly check the extinguisher and replace it with a new one after it expires.
  • Garage door repairs, especially a garage door spring replacement Denver professional should do the job, as it can be very dangerous.

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