How Long Do Garage Doors Typically Last?

by | Feb 26, 2021

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Garage doors are great comfort features on any building, component that can endure a lot and that can last long.

Garage doors come with different features and they are also different in terms of durability, but if you buy a new door and get it installed today by one of the professional garage door companies Denver has, you will probably be able to use it for 15-30 years. Automatic garage doors are more complicated than mechanical doors and complexity tends to reduce life expectancy, so you can expect your automatic door to work for around 10-15 years, if properly maintained.

The durability of your garage door will also be determined by the intensity of the usage and the climate conditions. The most important component of garage doors, regardless of the type, is the spring mechanism. Most mechanisms are designed to perform around 10,000-20,000 opening and closing cycles – with proper maintenance, the component can last longer, but after the door has performed the number of cycles it has been designed for, you can expect at least to have the mechanism replaced. Your door’s lifespan will also be influenced by the climate zone in which it is installed – excessive humidity, wide temperature variations and the impact caused by extreme weather, such as the exposure to hail, can all shorten the life of your garage door.

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