How Long Does a Garage Door Spring Replacement Take?

by | Dec 13, 2022

, How Long Does a Garage Door Spring Replacement Take?, Garage Service Co. Garage Door Specialists



If you own a garage on your residential or commercial property, it’s possible that the garage door’s spring mechanism could fail at some point. Constant use can lead to that possibility over time, and exposure to moisture and other stressors may precipitate the problem.


Fortunately, a garage door spring repair is not too difficult or time-consuming for an experienced technician to manage. You do have to use a professional garage door spring replacement Denver service for it, since it can present a hazard and lead to serious injuries, if the springs are handled by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. However, for experts who work for the best garage door service in Denver, you’ll find that the entire task will take less time and effort than you might expect.


There are several factors that can lead to a garage door spring replacement taking longer and being somewhat more challenging. Larger doors like those used in factories and on commercial properties will typically require more work. They might have multiple failed springs that need replacing, so the task can take as long as an hour or two.


However, for residential garage door spring replacement, the job will likely take less than an hour to complete. Reducing the tension of the springs has to be done gradually, and the replacement process is also a little time-consuming. However, the good news is that this type of task is typically standard, so you can rely on an experienced professional to finish the work without running into any complications.

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