How Overhead Garage Doors Generally Work

by | Jan 21, 2022

How it works garage door installation repair

Most of us use our garage doors a couple of times every day without giving too much thought to the process – all we pay attention to is not to leave the door open when the garage is unattended, but often, even that feature is taken care of by the door system. If you would like to know more about how this humble, yet essential, component of your building works, here are some details from Denver garage door repair specialists:

  • The anatomy of a garage door – in the past, garage doors used to be mechanical doors that either opened like any door in the house, being pushed or pulled or running on tracks. Modern garage doors are much more sophisticated than that and consist of a door that is moved by an operating mechanism vertically or horizontally, depending on the door type. The operating mechanism is usually controlled either from a push button installed near the door or with a remote control.


  • Smart garage doors on the rise – while the automatic garage doors operated with a remote control are still the most common types, smart doors are becoming increasingly popular as well. Smart doors also open horizontally or vertically and are operated remotely, but they are controlled via the owner’s mobile device, rather than via a remote control. These doors are also integrated with the smart system in place in the home, being equipped with sensors and alarms and connected to the home’s system via Wi-Fi.


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