How to Know If You Need A New Garage Door

by | Feb 18, 2021

Things You Should Know About Garage Door Installation

Most homeowners do not give too much thought to their garage door – whether they use a mechanical or an automatic garage door, if the door opens and closes, they consider it to be in perfect working condition. However, garage doors, like any building component that works hard, become worn over time – here are the signs that indicate you might need to replace your garage door soon:

  • Loose cords around the door – the issue seems easy to fix, but no matter how carefully you work to put the cords back into place, they are likely to become loose again because the problem is usually caused by the damage sustained by the door’s pulley system;
  • Slow opening – if your automatic door takes too long to open, the culprit is probably the door’s motor. You can choose to get the motor replaced, but the component is usually so expensive that looking for garage door installation near me and getting a new door is a better solution;
  • Mechanical damage and draftiness – if your door looks warped, if it has dents, cracks or if you feel air coming in around the door, it might be time to get a replacement. A new door will also enhance the appearance of your entire building.

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