How To Know What Garage Door Opener You Need

by | Jan 11, 2021

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The garage door is a product with a relatively long period of use and a considerable cost, and its choice must be well considered. Garage doors can occupy about 15-20% of the surface of the house facade and therefore their choice becomes important from an aesthetic point of view too.

A garage door makes its mark on the design of the house, protects the garage from weather conditions and must maintain its resistance in time.

Types of garage doors:

  • Sectional garage doors – These are made of sections of steel sheet panels, which rise inside the garage.
  • Roller garage doors – These are made of aluminum slats that are tightened by rolling at the top of the garage.

The main aspects we need to consider when choosing a garage door include:

The necessary space

Sectional garage doors rise on the garage`s ceiling and consequently will need space. On the other hand, roller garage doors have fewer space requirements.


All types of garage doors are designed to provide safety, by complying current technical safety regulations. Optionally, you can add additional safety systems.


The operation of a garage door can be manual or automatic. Even if you choose a manual system or one of the newer smart garage door openers Denver technicians can install, you should keep the space necessary for a possible future automatic add on.

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