How to Tell If Your Garage Door Is Off Its Tracks

by | Apr 27, 2021

garage door brown off track service needed

There are many reasons why your garage door might come off its tracks – the problem might be caused by cars repeatedly hitting the garage door, by tracks that have become bent, worn or obstructed by a foreign object, by damaged rollers or loft cables. Whatever the reason for the malfunction that affects your door, here are the signs that indicate the door is not properly running in the tracks:

  • You hear a rubbing noise whenever you open or close the door – the noise indicates that the door is not running smoothly in the tracks;
  • The door slows down at certain points – if your door seems to be slowed down by bumps, it is a sign that the track has become misaligned and is not holding the door correctly;
  • Gaps between the rollers and the track – if you take a look at your door and follow it as it is opening and closing, any track section in which the rollers seem to become detached indicate a misalignment;
  • Changes in performance – if your door seems to be slower than previously, it might also indicate a misaligned track (though the issue might be caused by other faults as well, so the problem requires more investigation).  A good garage door shop like can fix the problem rather quickly and concisely, and should be consulted as garage doors can be dangerous to fix for any homeowner.

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