The Invention of the Overhead Door – A Short History

by | May 13, 2021

garage door invention great idea lasting

The automobile was invented at the end of the 19th century and it quickly became widespread. Being expensive assets that were also sensitive to the elements, automobiles needed safe shelters that were also comfortable to use. The first garages used doors fixed with hinges and opening outwards, but the need for more comfort and more durability inspired inventors to start experimenting with other door solutions. This is how the first overhead door was invented by C. G. Johnson in 1921.

In the beginning, the production of the new door type was slow – Johnson’s plant produced only one door per day. To popularize the product, Johnson attended various trade shows, that is how he got to present his invention at a trade show in Indiana in 1923. A local enthusiast saw the presentation and offered Johnson a new, much larger production plant. The opportunity made it possible for Johnson to extend the production and he also continued to experiment with new solution, introducing the first electric garage door openers three years later.

Overhead Door, the brand initially developed by Johnson more than 90 years ago, is still popular and appreciated by customers for the reliability and the inventiveness that has characterized it since its birth.  For some of the newest technologies and services talk with Garage Service Co., one of the best in garage door installation.

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