Tips For Painting Your Own Garage Door

by | Jul 29, 2021

garage doors repaint tips insulated

The garage door is an important element in the curb appeal of your building – a warping and faded garage door or one that is painted to a color that does not match the rest of the building can ruin even the most attractive home exterior. Fortunately, garage doors can be easily repainted – here are some tips how to ensure a durable and attractive coat of paint:

  • Pick the right time – ideally, exterior paint jobs are best done when the temperature outside is warm, but not hot, when the sun does not shine directly on the surface to be painted and when humidity is low;
  • Prepare the surface – you can only paint on a clean and healthy surface, so remove any rust, dirt, dust or rot from the door surface and wash the door, too. If you find chipped edges or cracks, correct them with caulk or with a suitable material and leave the corrected surface to dry before painting it;
  • Cover everything you don’t want to paint with foil and tape around the door and place foil or drop cloths on the floor to protect it from staining;
  • Use a primer to smoothen the surface, then wait until the primer is completely dry;
  • Use a high-quality exterior paint suitable for your door material. If you need to add multiple coats, always wait for the previous layer to dry completely before adding a new layer.  With winter approaching you may want to consider buying and installing new insulated garage doors Denver shops have available and knock out both desires at once.

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