Typical Garage Door Problems in Winter

by | Jan 6, 2023


Owning a garage door that opens automatically might seem like a great advantage in most cases. However, during the wintertime – and especially during the coldest days of winter – garage doors can suddenly stop working properly, and no amount of DIY tinkering might work in getting them operational again. If that’s the case, you have to call in a Denver garage door company like Garage Service Co to take a look at the issue.

The main problems that can occur in winter have to do with the garage door’s metallic mechanical parts. Springs and other metal components can be affected severely by the cold if they’re made of certain metals. Some metals contract very suddenly when the temperature drops, and that can cause the opening mechanism to stop working.

Electronic parts can also fail when it gets too cold. Some electronics required for automated garage door operation or to open and close the door remotely could be more fragile or inadequately installed so that the cold can affect them to a greater extent. If that’s the case, you might find that the mechanical parts of your garage door still work properly, but that you can no longer operate them remotely.

This is also a case when you have to call in the pros, since even though every modern garage door has a release kit that allows for manual operation, that is a very lacking and impractical long term solution to the problem.

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