What is a Roll Up Garage Door?

by | May 25, 2022

garage door rolled up commercial repair installation


Roll-up garage doors are a very important element in quality exterior design, being also recognized for their reliability and the high level of safety they provide, being used where sectional doors are not suitable. Practical and easy to use every day, roll-up garage doors are also great options for commercial areas, or industrial halls/ warehouses.  The roll up garage door repair is not often required, but maintaining them is recommended.

They can be made with two types of aluminum profiles: 55 mm slats, which are economical and represent the ideal solution for small spaces, and 77 mm slats, which are perfect for thermal insulation and burglary solutions.

The advantage of roll-up garage doors garage doors over sectional doors is that all the slats fit in a box that requires and takes up significantly less space. Thus, when closing and opening the garage, a roll-up door does not impede accessibility at all.

The depth or the height of the garage is no longer a problem, as in the case of sectional garage doors, as roll-up doors do not need a running surface along the garage and do not diminish its height.

These types of garage doors are like exterior shutters, but larger in size. They can be operated manually or electrically, with the help of an opener that requires a minimum space of 125 mm.

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