What Is A Smart Garage Door Opener

by | May 6, 2021

smart garage door opener repair installation shop

The electric garage door opener was invented in the second decade of the 20th century, followed by the invention of the wireless opener a few years later. Smart garage door openers add one more innovative element to the technology: they connect garage door opening systems to the device we use the most these days, the smart phone.

A smart garage door opener works the same way as a conventional opener: when it is operated, it opens or closes the garage door. The feature it adds is one that increases the comfort of usage: smart openers are able to connect to Wi-Fi networks and through those networks, to smart phones, which allows the user to monitor and to operate the door without needing a separate remote control device.

Smart garage door openers communicate with the door’s user through a mobile app that provides a wide range of comfort features. The app notifies the user when the door is being opened or closed to alert the user in the case of suspicious activities. The smart opener can also be integrated with complex home automation systems and they can also be connected to voice control systems to make door usage even more comfortable.  See what it takes, talk with a garage door repair Denver shop to see what kind of options there are for an upgrade.

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