What to Do If You Have Lost Your Garage Door Opener

by | Feb 12, 2021

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Garage door openers, especially smart garage door openers Denver has available that operate modern doors, are small devices that are easy to misplace or to lose. When that happens, you have several options:

  • Open and close the door manually – most automatic garage doors have a handle on the inside that you can use to operate the door manually. Manual operation will surely involve some discomfort, but at least it makes it possible to use the garage;
  • Order a new remote – most garage door manufacturers sell remote control units separately as well, so you can order a new device from them easily. All you will need to provide is the brand and the model of your door;
  • Buy a universal remote control – many electronics stores sell universal remotes, too. These remote control units come in various types and designs, each type being suitable for a specific range of doors, so if you choose this option, you will need to provide the brand and the model of your door. Unlike the devices purchased from the door’s manufacturer, universal units need to be programmed to recognize your door and to operate it, but don’t worry, your new unit will come with straightforward instructions that will make the process easy.

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