What Types of Garage Door Repairs Do Most Garage Companies Handle?

by | Dec 13, 2021

garage door repair technician working services

Garage doors are great, sturdy and durable pieces of equipment that can certainly stand up to a lot. However, even these strong doors need repairs every now and then, so here are some of the most common issues handled by garage door companies:

  • Spring repairs – the spring on your garage door is an essential component that ensures the movement of the door. Made from special materials, these springs are warranted for around 15,000 circles, but even these sturdy parts will need to be replaced eventually. The procedure used for replacing the torsion spring on your door is not very complicated, but it needs to be performed by professionals to ensure that your door operates correctly;
  • Cable replacement – the cables on your door work together with the springs and with other components to lift or to move the door. Like in the case of the spring, the replacement is not very complicated, but it is essential to get it done correctly;
  • Track repair – the track in which the door is running can get deformed over time, causing the door to jump off or to get stuck. The issue is also among the most common problems handled by garage door companies in Denver at https://garageserviceco.com/.


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