When Should You Have Your Garage Doors Replaced?

by | Nov 15, 2021

, When Should You Have Your Garage Doors Replaced?, Garage Service Co. Garage Door Specialists

If you have an automatic garage door in your home in Denver, you are probably relying on that door for comfort and security. Unfortunately, even the sturdiest, best-kept garage door reaches the end of its lifespan eventually – here are some signs to indicate that you need to start looking for a company that can replace your garage door in Denver:

  • age – it is true that well-maintained garage doors can work without problems even beyond the end of their warranted lifespan, but you must be aware that garage door technology evolves so quickly that not replacing your door every 15 years or so will prevent you from enjoying the new technologies, such as smart doors that you can operate via your mobile device;
  • warping or cracks on the door – most door panels cannot be repaired, replacement being the only option;
  • frequent repairs – if your garage door repair technician is a frequent guest in your home, handling a different issue each time, it is a clear sign that your garage door needs to retire. The most common faults that might indicate the need to get a new door include a damaged operating mechanism, broken rollers and a deformed track.  Call on the professionals in garage door services at https://garageserviceco.com/.

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