Why Is It Important To Have An Insulated Garage Door

by | Aug 5, 2021

insulated garage doors

The garage door is not only an important aesthetic component of your building, but also a large surface through which value energy can escape if it is not properly insulated. Here are some things to know about why and how to insulate your garage door:

  • The benefits of insulating your garage door – the most obvious benefit of insulating your garage door is that it prevents heated air from escaping in winter and hot air from penetrating your building in summer. As a result, your garage will not waste energy and will contribute to lowering your energy bills throughout the year. The insulation added on your garage door also makes the door stronger and it absorbs sound more efficiently, making your door quieter to operate and stronger in front of the elements;
  • Choosing your insulation material – when browsing available insulation materials, the most important parameter to check is the R-value, the material’s capacity to form an energy barrier, stopping the transfer of heat between its sides. As a general rule, the higher the R-value, the more efficient the insulation provided by the material. Garage door insulation comes either in the form of kits or in the form of panels pre-cut for standard-size doors.  For installation and insulation products for your garage door look at https://garageserviceco.com/residential-garage-doors/.

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