Are Garage Door Remotes Universal?

by | Feb 4, 2021

Garage service company remotes doors

If you buy a garage door, the kit will surely include a dedicated remote control device provided by the manufacturer. However, a second remote is a good thing to have – that way, you can ensure the full functionality of your garage door even if your original device gets damaged or lost.

If you need a second remote for your garage door, you have basically two options: garage remotes are usually sold by door makers not only as part of garage door kits, but separately as well, so you can choose to buy a remote manufactured for your particular type of garage door or you can get a universal remote that works with a wide range of garage door models. If you choose to get a universal remote, you must know that each type of universal device works with a specific range of doors, so for identifying the right type of remote, you will need to know the brand and the model of your door. While dedicated garage door openers usually don’t need any calibration, you will need to program your universal remote to work with your particular door. Universal devices usually come with detailed and straightforward programming instructions, so the process should not be complicated or time-consuming, for professional garage door services look to

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