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Your garage door is made up of many parts working together. But after years of heavy use, these components can wear out or fail, leaving your home at risk, trapping your vehicles, posing a safety hazard, and making your property look poorly maintained.

Fast, expert service calls.

Garage door problems can be urgent. So we offer 24/7 emergency garage door service in Denver and the Front Range at no extra charge, even on weekends and after hours. Simply call 720-936-0602 or contact us. We will be at your property in one hour or less, depending on your location.

Great rates, no hidden fees.

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, with no hidden costs. That’s why we provide clear, upfront estimates, and knowledgeably answer any questions you may have.

Garage Service Co garage door installation
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Professional Repairs & Maintenance

Whether it’s a broken spring, a jammed track, or a malfunctioning opener, we will get your door working smoothly again. Count on us to repair or replace:

  • Noisy or squeaky garage doors
  • Springs, rollers, cables, motor, gears, drive system, sensors, and other components
  • Track alignment and door reinstallation
  • Remote and wireless keypads and controllers
  • Bent or broken door panels
  • Perimeter weatherstripping seals

We also perform complete garage door tune-ups, including maintenance and lubrication, to ensure springs and other components are in good condition.

Call us now at 720-936-0602 or click “Request Repair” below.

Essential Garage Door Services

Your garage door is a critical part of your home’s security, and your driving routine. Below are a few more reasons why taking care of your garage door is important.

Tune-ups keep your garage door quiet.

Grinding metal doesn’t just sound bad, it’s a sign of friction and wear. Regular lubrication can help prevent annoyingly loud noises and premature breakdowns. We’ll also catch issues like loose bolts or misaligned tracks and fix them right away, preventing them from turning into bigger problems down the road.

Balanced garage doors perform better

A well balanced garage door limits harm from the door closing on something in its way, removes gaps in the coverage around and under the door, and performs better, especially when put in reverse.


Garage door cables ensure stability and safety.

We stock a complete range of parts, including press sleeves, cable sets, and more, ensuring we can address cable problems on the spot.

Rollers keep your garage door working smoothly.

Your garage doors rely on well-functioning rollers to operate smoothly. Steel rollers, while noisier, offer longevity, whereas nylon rollers are quieter but may need more frequent replacements. Garage Service Co can replace either type of roller.

Ensure safety with expert spring replacement.

We fix and install high-quality torsion and extension springs on all types of automatic doors, both residential and commercial. We carry various sizes and types of springs with long lifespans for repeated use.

We repair all garage door brands.

We fix all brands of garage doors, including Clopay, Amarr, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, doorLink, Elegant Garage Doors, Garaga, Northwest Door, and more.

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Garage Door Maintenance & Repair Guide

Did you know your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in your home? Regularly check your garage doors every 6 months for optimal performance and safety.

Key Maintenance and Repair Tips

  1. Tighten hardware. Examine screws and hinges to make sure they are tight, and no hardware is missing.
  2. Test for balance. Engage the emergency release and manually lift the door half-way. It should lift easily and stay open without assistance. If the door feels difficult to lift, or closes too quickly, your springs may need professional adjustment or replacement.
  3. Lubrication. Apply silicone spray on hinges, bearings, springs, and rollers to minimize wear and tear.

Identify and Address Common Issues

Broken Springs: When your garage doors are closed, you will notice the torsion system, found above the top section. If you spot gaps or spaces between the spring coils, they require professional attention, and need to be replaced if broken. If you have a larger or heavier garage door with more than 1 spring, all springs need to be professionally replaced.

Safety Sensors: Ensure the safety sensors are working. Test this by blocking the sensor and attempting to close an open door with a remote. The motor should reverse the door to a fully open position.

Noisy Operation: Rusted rollers, worn nylon rollers, or cracks in the rollers can cause noise issues. Lubricate the parts if no damage is visible. For persistent noise, seek professional assistance from Garage Service Co.

By following these guidelines, you can help keep your garage door in top working condition and prevent potential issues from escalating. Remember, for repairs beyond basic maintenance, it’s best to contact the experienced professionals at Garage Service Co for safe and expert service.