How Fast Can a Garage Door Installation Be Done?

by | Feb 4, 2022

, How Fast Can a Garage Door Installation Be Done?, Garage Service Co. Garage Door Specialists Garage doors can be installed in a surprisingly short time – the standard time needed for mounting a 16-foot door of average complexity is about three or four hours. However, the actual time that your technician needs to install your garage door depends on the number of features. Here are some:

-The type and the size of the door – some doors are heavier and more difficult to manipulate than others, so the duration of the installation process will depend on the size and type of the item being installed;

-The removal of the old door – if the technicians who handle your new garage door in Denver will have to remove the old garage door as well, that process will add an hour or two to the overall installation time, potentially more if there is lots of reconstruction work needed around the door;

-The complexity of the opening system – some doors are fitted with a very simple mechanism, while others are very complex. Simple mechanisms take shorter to install than complex ones and if the opener also needs to be integrated with the building’s already existing smart system, that will add some more time to the process as well.  The garage door installation professionals at are very affordable and can complete the installation very quickly.

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