What You Need to Know About Your Garage Door Opener

by | Jun 11, 2021

, What You Need to Know About Your Garage Door Opener, Garage Service Co. Garage Door Specialists

The garage door opener is one of the most important, yet most overlooked component of garage systems, a component that comes in many types and should be paid attention to when choosing your new door. Here are some important aspects to consider when browsing garage doors to buy:

  • The drive type – the type of the component used for connecting the trolley and the motor will determine how fast and how noisy your door will be. Chain-driven models are relatively slow and noisy, but they are very sturdy and inexpensive; belt-driven systems are also reliable and they produce less noise than the ones that use chains, while direct-drive units offer the smoothest operation and the most complex;
  • The horsepower you need – you should choose this feature based on how heavy and how large your door is – the larger and heavier the door, the more power you will need with the motor that moves it. The lowest limit for garage door motors is usually ½ horsepower, enough for lifting most standard doors; you will need ¾ HP to lift a larger, insulated door, while very heavy, solid wood door will require the strongest motor you can get;
  • Safety features – you can find openers equipped with advanced safety features, such as an automatic reverse function that sends the door back up if it hits an object while going down or laser sensors that stop the door if it hits an object.  Many of the newer smart garage door openers Denver garage door businesses sell are well equipped for safety.

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