Garage door spring replacement – Why is it important

by | May 11, 2022

Why It Matters Hire Professioan For Garage Door Spring Replacement


Regardless of the type of a garage door (roll-up or sectional), all of them use the same principle, which consists in the tension of the spring. The doors move along the metal rails mounted on the garage walls, and a strong spring – or more of them! – ensure the necessary strength.

Garage door springs compensate for the doors’ weight and allow them to open and close easily, either manually or through an automatic opening system. The high-tension steel in the springs has a limited lifespan, which can make them lose their efficiency, over time.

When springs break, there is a risk of accidents. If your garage door is old, the springs should be inspected and a garage door spring replacement Denver professional should do the repair, as it can be very dangerous. If the door has two springs, you will need to replace the both of them, even if it is just one that is broken. This will not only keep away damage caused by the breakage of the 2nd spring, but will also ensure proper operation of the door.

Garage door spring repairs always involve complete spring replacement. This is because springs usually do their job well, up to the point where they fail completely; that is, when they break.

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