How to Know When Your Garage Door Needs Spring Replacement

by | Apr 7, 2021

garage door 3 car repair torsion spring replacement

Torsion spring damage is among the most common causes for malfunctioning garage doors. Torsion springs are designed to raise and to lower the garage door smoothly and silently whenever the remote control is operated and they are made from durable materials that allow them to perform all that hard work. However, even such a durable part can get damaged – here are some signs that indicate you need a new torsion spring:

  • The door going down when it should be up – the most obvious sign of a spring that has lost its flexibility is that the spring cannot hold the door in a raised position and the door will slowly slip downwards when it is supposed to stay up;
  • Signs of rust and corrosion – with regular maintenance, your spring will stay rust free for a long time. However, if you skipped a few maintenance sessions and you see signs of rust on the spring, you will need to get the spring soon, before it gets too weak;
  • The garage door has come off its track – torsion springs play a role in keeping the door on the track. If your door keeps jumping off, the issue might indicate spring damage.  Note it is very important to have a garage door expert do the garage door spring replacement as torsion springs can be very dangerous and even harmful.

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