Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter?

by | Dec 28, 2020

As the seasons change you have to make sure your garage door is ready to take on the different weather the new season brings. First thing you need to do is listen to your garage door. Does the door sound okay as its moving? Is the door moving smoothly or is it jerky in places? If you hear any grinding or scraping your garage door needs to be serviced. On average your garage door moves over 1,000 times a year. The vibration from the movement can loosen hardware. You may need rollers tightened or bolts replaced. You will also want to ensure your garage door is properly balanced. This is something Garage Service Co can do for you. We can assess your garage door and make sure it is ready for winter. You may need to replace the weather stripping which is the rubber seal that keeps debris from getting in your garage. Parts may need to be lubricated so they run smoothly throughout the season. We will check cables and test features such as auto-reverse for safety. Call us today to make sure your garage door is ready to take on winter.

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