Unconventional Solutions to Problems Regarding Garage Door Repair

by | Mar 13, 2023

Garage Service Co Repairman Fixed

Whether garage doors are roll-up or sectional, they use the same principle: the tension of the spring. The doors move along the metal rails mounted on the garage’s walls, and a strong arch or several springs provide the necessary force to move the door. In most cases, when the door does not work efficiently, the repairs can be pretty straightforward.

Read on about some tips and unconventional solutions that may help you.

  • Check the metal parts of the garage door. Look at the mounting brackets that are anchored in the wall. If they are weakened, you should tighten the screws. If certain parts are damaged/ deformed, they can be straightened with a rubber hammer or a regular hammer, and some pieces of wood can be placed on top of the affected part to cushion the shocks. But if the damage is extensive, the door may have to be replaced altogether, so you should turn to specialists at Garage Service Co.
  • If the garage door squeaks or gets stuck, you must immediately avoid using a lubricant and clean the rails. Otherwise, you will only favor the accumulation of particles that will build up and affect more and more the proper door functioning more. A perfect solution that will help you get rid of the sticky residues left on the garage door rail, being also ideal as a lubricant, is WD-40. The product can be used not only on garage door rails but also on springs, hinges, and locks.

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