What Are Garage Door Gears? And How to Know If They Need Fixing

by | Apr 21, 2021

, What Are Garage Door Gears? And How to Know If They Need Fixing, Garage Service Co. Garage Door Specialists

Garage door opening systems are composed of many sturdy parts that all need to be perfectly aligned and working together to make your door operational. The gears are among the most important components of the system – they are responsible for driving up the sprocket that drives the chain or the belt to move the door. Most systems contain multiple gears usually several small ones and a big one in the center of the opening mechanism.

The gears in your garage door opener are made from durable material, but they are also exposed to a lot of wear and tear, which also means that they will become damaged eventually. The most common sign of a damaged gear is a grinding noise coming from the opener whenever you operate it, but other signs, such as difficult opening and closing or complete break-down might also indicate gear damage and need of emergency garage door repair Denver shops offer. Most gears cannot be repaired, the only way to solve the problem being replacement, preferably performed by a specialized garage door repair technician. The replacement process is not very lengthy, but you need to be prepared that you might have to put up with a small amount of discomfort while the mechanism is being repaired.

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